Radio stations everywhere are cutting back, and the production department is not immune. We want to be your outsourced production department. You can save time, money, and manpower by sending us complete copy points, if you’d like us to both write your scripts and produce your commercials. Or just send your completed scripts, and we’ll send back finished spots, ready for air!

We’ve produced thousands of spots, from warm and friendly image spots – to hard-hitting monster truck spots. We would like to do the same for you. With no more production worries, you can concentrate on programming and sales! See some of your options below.

  • 30 spots / month for $15.00 each.

  • 15 spots / month for $20.00 each.

If you'd like to save even more, if you have your own music, we can send dry voice overs. (Just add water…or music)

  • 30 spots / month for $10.00 each.

  • 15 spots / month for $15.00 each.

These packages assume that all spots are already written. Writing fees are extra.

Barter packages are also available - please contact us for more information!