Ralph Mitchell applies an ample serving of media experience to every production he creates!  It all started quite by accident while studying electrical engineering at Louisiana Tech University. In the late ’70’s, while exploring his university surroundings, Ralph happened across the 10 watt campus radio station, KLPI.  Partly due to his engineering curriculum, he was invited to join the station staff.  Later that same year he ventured off campus to locate and tour the local power plant and subsequently asked a pedestrian for directions.  Instead of the power plant, the directions led him to the local 100,000 watt radio station.  Ever curious, he asked for a tour - and on a whim, applied for a job.  After a very awkward demo tape, reading garbled AP wire copy from the teletype, he landed the job and began studying for the required FCC exam.

After a few years in radio, Ralph spent 14 years in Television. Hired as the station announcer, he added writer, TV director, and producer to his skills - eventually opening his own TV production house at the request of management.  His resume includes Writer/Producer for a national advertising agency; Operations Manager for Public Radio; and Production Director for a major radio corporation.  His voice is heard nationally, and internationally.  Ralph, and his wife, Lisa raised their family on the Gulf coast where they now run letmevoicethat.com